Meet Katie

I'm Katie. I'm a writer. And I'm here to save you time and money.

Image of Katie. She has blonde hair and has her green head phones around her neck. She is leaning against a brick wall as she looks up.

My writing will attract the leads you need and retain the customers you love.

I have experience with:

  • Digital marketing
  • Web copy
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management
  • SEO keyword research and best practices
  • Business writing
  • Grant proposal research and writing

I guarantee that my writing and expertise will help you generate more conversions and foster a more rewarding relationship with your targeted audience.

When you hire me, you are investing in:

  • A copywriter. Every word is selected for and serves a specific purpose.
  • An editor. I check and double-check my own work. I can also review your original writing.
  • A collaborator. I work closely with B2B and B2C companies and I help them with their marketing funnel, lead generation tactics, and digital marketing strategies by providing highly engaging content.
  • An SEO keyword researcher. I keep up with SEO best practices and implement them in my SEO keyword research. I then include these keywords in the content I create for you.

But who really is THE Nerdy Girl behind This Nerdy Girl...

Some fun facts about me:

  • I love to read, write, and research.
  • I'm a Potterhead (Gryffindor).
  • I weightlift six times a week.
  • I have an M.A. from Clemson University in Professional Communication.
  • I have a golden retriever named Charlie Bucket.
  • I am a Guillain-Barre survivor and a Chiarian. 

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