Our Process

You will receive an email from Katie Vann within 24 hours after placing your order. 

In this email, you will be asked to fill out our Client Consultation form. You will also have an opportunity to schedule a phone call or Zoom conference call with Katie (this is optional and not required).

Once your Client Consulation is completed, your order will be assigned to one of our nerds. The nerd will be chosen based on the skill set needed to best complete your order.

Your assigned nerd will reach out by email to introduce herself within 24 hours after the completion of your initial Client Consultation with Katie.

Your assigned nerd will maintain consistent and clear communication with you as she works to complete your order.

Once your order is completed and delivered, your nerd will send a final email to complete your order status and to provide you with feedback collection links that you may wish to fill out if you wish to do so (we LOVE feedback). 

Please note: Work will not begin on your order until your Client Consultation form is submitted to Katie.

If you wish to schedule a phone call or Zoom conference call with Katie, we will not begin work on your order until both the phone/Zoom session and the Client Consultation form are completed.